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Written by Olusegun A. Adeleye - aoadeleye77@yahoo.com   
Jun 27, 2014 at 01:57 PM


My major concern has been of how to get every sector in the community moving irrespective of group or individual interest. Just of recent, I took a broader look at the major determining factors towards the actualization of the age long dream of our fore fathers. As a result of this, I have come up with the under listed ideas:




All things being equal, I have waited so long but, couldn’t wait longer seeing generations of ours rotten off in the name of being helpless.


There was a time in our history when we have focused; agile and determined youths whose concerted efforts does made us what we are today (THE KIRIJI WAR LORDS). Traced back to the crude days of our political, moral and economy slavery in the hands of the Ibadan warriors. It is right to state clearly that, it took the efforts of some rugged, diplomatic and brilliant youths in broken the slavery chain in order to free our fore fathers to save the future. Today, such freedom we are proud of genuinely with references at every point of need. The western education and the sojourn of some of our fore fathers had in no mean helped lift the face of the community incomparably. Today, either by counting or plain recognition, Okemesi is known for nothing but, her academic proneness. A track record many neighboring towns are looking and striving to emulate today possibly beat. Be that as it may. The days of the agricultural input (RICE, COCOA, YAM, and MAIZE est.) to the nation’s economy can’t be under estimated. We have read much of, the impact and the successes of our daughters and sons in their chosen careers. Records are there to prove mostly all these claims.

Looking back now, it’s unfortunate indeed; reverse is the case! The agro input has disappeared. The academic record is on the decline stage. The health services are gone. The much proudly legacies of our heroes past are no more visible owing to various factors. It therefore called for holistic approach to savage the future of the history from been wiped off the track. All yester year’s achievements and the intimidating records have been thrown into the dustbin of history. We owe it point of duty to look inwardly and beyond individual achievements at this stage to save our future.


Setting the record straight, of most important is the youth forum. There is a saying that; “the future of a country depends on the ability or inability to manage the strength of her agile youth”. I am of the opinion that, the capacity of our youths are underutilized though, the youths on our  part may have shown less feelings for our roles. I shall like to take it one after the other as a matter of need.


It is very right to say that; there are bridges between the elites, the youths and the community leaders.  Having took a critical look at the happenings around us in the recent. I opined that, the youthful roles are missing in the developmental activities in our community. Note that, it was not that we do not have various youth organization around the town. In fact, we have active different youth forum across the street, social clubs and many more that functions very well. Unfortunately, we do not have a central body. The umbrella body under which the supposed branches should have been. 




 All social clubs, street representatives, the union leaders (okada, driver and students) should be summoned to a meeting by the FOIU to brainstorm on the formation of the Youth body. All things being equal, committees may be set up during the said meeting to look into the terms of formation. The committee report will do much in the next direction to face. Interested individual may also be invited to the group devoid of political interest and influences.




No doubt, all our teeming youths cannot benefit from the white collar job. We have too much poverty rocking the land due to un-employment and un-employable youth’s status. Sometimes, one may be forced to ask if these are the reasons for the rising political/social unrest in our society. It does sadden that, we have many youths wandering the street idle still, without good initiative.




 Let there be a genuine coop where every individual, group of people or political office holders at large shall deposited money for the benefit of those who may be fond of involving in micro business, farming or sole trading in terms of short term interest free loan. Introduction of acquisition seminars on entrepreneurship, technical training and micro business orientation.  


Let there be opportunity for graduates’ data compilations for appraisal both soft and hard copies. An e-mail address should be opened where individual soft copies shall be forwarded to. Through this, we shall have the mean to identify the number of jobless/employable youths and those that are interested in self reliance work.




Looking back to the eighties (80/90’s) when we use to have helpers in our secondary schools. These helpers I know also engaged in classroom works, some of them handled subjects in the junior classes. It’s on note that, their employment was part of the PTA input to make sure our educational standard remains the best. This method contributed incalculably to the success of many students. Here we are today relying solely on the government employed teachers efforts. It has caused much damage to our standard because; there are shortages of teachers in our public schools.




I am of the opinion that, going back to the era of PTA helper’s employment will do us much good. Let FOIU and the concerned individual take up the task with impressive financial compensation. It will reduce the level of un-employment; improve the academic moral of both helper and the students. Meanwhile, this will not stop any helper in this category from engaging in one or two things that is of benefit to himself e.g. post graduates programme, mechanized farming, petty trading etc. all these he/she can still always embark on after work close. It will in a very large way help change the orientation of our youths and greatly improved the education standard.



Simultaneously, there is serious need to set up a scholarships/bursary board. Those who can afford to give out within their little strength shall come in here. Issuance of scholarship to the students in secondary schools and graduates who are in need of financial aid to pursue their post graduate education would stand the chance to benefit. It’s essential towards recuperating our past glory. No doubt, it will inspire many to work harder in their various disciplines.





It is un-deniable, political power remains the easiest and most popular means to serve the people. Quiet unfortunate, Okemesi hasn’t got it right as expected in the recent. Despite our involvement in the political running since old Western region/ Ondo State, we have little or none to show for it. Maybe, our dilapidated market stall at Oja tuntun, recent upgrade of Ada water works, Ikoro and Itawure road which I was told got opened by our fore fathers through selfless services, reconstructed later by Oni & sons, till Inter-contactor days and may be recently, Ekiti State government political gift. Yet, the third entrance to the town remains the same. Left to me, it seems our political classes have always been concerned about themselves immediately they assumed office leaving us to our fate. If not, why is it that the situation of things in the town remain the same many years after the creation of Ekiti State while other communities around us are moving at jet speed? The snail movement of our development calls for urgent attention. Serious one indeed!




FOIU/Oba in council should as a matter of fact find way to ask political office seekers their manifestoes. They should come up with blue print for the town on annual basis. They should create an avenue for proper screening of all party candidates in-respective of political affiliation. They should come up with an avenue for a debate where all intending aspirants or candidates shall be asses by every individual most importantly, HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY CANDIDATES, COUNCILLORSHIP/CHAIRMANSHIP CANDIDATES etc. We must note that, the performance of the people in this office has direct impact on the masses and the community at large. The elite’s attitude to partisan politics should jack up. And above all, there must be room for feedback mechanism between the representatives and the people at least on quarterly basis. It will give scope for re appraisal where needs be and reformation as well.




It is very sadden that, the economy situation in the town is on refuse stage. It is so because, the population reduces daily. There is no doubt; the rate at which people migrate from the town to the neighboring communities is alarming. Beside, the electric situation is epileptic. It could be off sometimes for a month or more. In due cause, creating economic retrogression. Still, when it is on, it may be in part or with low voltage which could be too poor to operate industrial machines. In such a situation, do we expect less than urban migration? We have three roads leading to our market (OJA TUNTUN) as I am writing, none is motor-able. The only fair link via African/Oke Onire, off Itawure road is only passable for vehicle with high realm and tyres. One can only get to the market place using bike (okada) or take a trek. It is very pathetic bearing in mind what our aged parents passing through all in attempt to sell their goods. Still we have Local Government IGR staffs issuing ticket to our people at the so called market. Looking at the roof of the stalls, all has been blown off by tornado. No drinkable water provided since the 80s that the market has been constructed.




 There is need to charge our leaders to help us look into the roads leading to the market place, the dilapidated stalls and provision of drinkable water. Soft loan should be given to the aged women in limited capacity to help boost their petty trading. Establishment of cottage industry by our entrepreneurs. Our government should be charged to help the community look into the power outage while more transformers should be provided.




The state of our hospitals and the treatment our people gets, no doubt is shocking. When I heard people saying our health services has improved, I shakes my head in shame for ignorance. What is the beauty of a health center and General hospital without modern equipments and better services? On several occasions, we have our people being refers to Ijero, Ilesha and Ido Ekiti even for minor medical treatment that could have been handled by our health officers. A general hospital without an ambulance, drugs and sometimes qualified medicals expert? All we see are the beautiful structure but, not the poor services.




I opined that, our professional health staff should help visit the hospitals, asses these available facilities and call on the appropriate quarters for assistance. We can’t keep watching our people dying over what could have been attended to within our ambit. All the political office holder should be charged to have impact in the health sectors not just a day lips services health fiasco they displayed to deceive our people.




Here are my little observations on how to effect changes in our society to make life better for the good of all. Then and there we shall have cause to visit home without much burden of usual: KILE BAMI MUBO, ALARORO NI, KII ‘WULO RE, MOMO DAL’OHUN O, AN KAN FERAN NI LO’O syndrome. Then, we shall be able to hold our representatives accountable. Then, we shall have reasons to sleep with our eyes firmly closed while at home. Then, the efforts of our past heroes shall not be in vain. 


I shall warmly and gladly accept invitation to serve in any capacity towards the actualization of the aforementioned points. Significantly, I shall be glad to honor any invitation meant to substantiate my points any day.

Long live OLI

Long live FOIU

Long live OKEMESI


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