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Hon. Kayode Fasakin Ajayi Speech presented at The FOIU Meeting on Thursday December 26, 2013 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hon Kayode Fasakin   
Jan 22, 2014 at 01:38 AM

Hon Fasakin
The chairman of Federation of Okemesi Improvement Union, other members of FOIU exco present, distinguished Okemesi sons and daughters. I am delighted to be in your midst on the occasion of our end of year convention.

Good evening everyone, and welcome.

Thank you for all your pragmatic efforts as the engine room of Okemesi transformation. It is a pleasure, as always, to be here with you. I am glad to be part of the notable developments of this unforgettable year. After much consideration of FOIU accomplishments during the last year, I truly appreciate all the significant and valuable works that you have done for the reformation of Okemesi in recent time. Obviously, your outstanding achievement has no doubt earned all of us a lot of unimaginable accolades in Ekiti State.  

As your representative in the Ekiti State House of Assembly, I appreciate you all for the moral and participatory supports you offer this present administration.   And at this point, pardon me to use this forum to convey the special season greetings of our governor, His Excellency, Dr John Kayode Fayemi, The Executive governor of Ekiti State to the people of Okemesi.

We can see the impact of your remarkable acts in Okemesi and how these have helped boost the recognition of the Town at the State level. Therefore, the annual evaluation of the town in terms of human, material resources and contributions to the transformation agenda of Ekiti State has jumped over the previous years. This evidence of district progress has led to the expansion of our economic relations and community influence on logistic policies making and politics in the whole Ekiti State.

For the purpose of information, guidance and records networking, within my two years and few months of service in the Ekiti State House of Assembly as the representative of Ekiti West Constituency II, I, Hon Kayode Fasakin Ajayi have fulfilled most of my pre-election pledges to the people of my constituency.  

I have shown keen interest in bringing succour to our people through several human productive capacity development and empowerment programmes worth millions of naira. Borrowing the concept of the school of thought that says ‘build the people before you build the nation’ for the protection and sustenance of the nation you are planning to build, I took a swift move into supporting our people and some of my accomplishments are as stated below: 

  1. Establishment of a government approved GCE and NECO examination centre in our constituency to alleviate the problem of our children travelling far to write examinations.

  2. Facilitating the appointment of Owa Ooye of Okemesi as the Chairman of Ekiti State Council of Traditional Rulers (2011-1013)

  3. The embellishment of the Owa Ooye Council of chiefs with ceremonial outfit for the purpose of uniformity

  4. Construction of ecological land drain-a canal from Odo Ese through Ile Arogun to General hospital

  5.  Ecological survey of the remaining areas due for construction of interland waterway.

  6. Construction and rehabilitation of Okemesi-Itawure road.

  7. Construction and renovation of Ada water Dam and turning it to ultra-modern water corporation.

  8. Construction of Okemesi township road network from the Town hall through Odoba/Itio axis to link Okemesi-Esa Oke road under the 5km road project of Ekiti State Government for the Ekiti West local government.

  9. Replacement of old and rusted pipe-borne water pipes in different location in town.

  10. Renovation and completion of secondary and primary building structures in Okemesi town.

  11. Renovation of Okemesi General Hospital to a state appropriate for comprehensive health delivery services

  12. Facilitating Owa Ooye national award CON collection from the Federal government

  13. Employment opportunities to many of our unemployed youths

  14. Youth empowerment programmes

  15. Payment of monthly social security allowances to the aged i.e. the senior citizens in my constituency by the state.

  16. Facilitating the appointment of Okemesi indigene as commissioner in the executive cabinet of Ekiti State Government.

  17. Facilitating the construction of a new police station in Okemesi by Ekiti west local Government

  18. Renovation and beautification of Owa Ooye palace.

  19. Mobilising the state allocation for community project used in the renovation and conversion of a hall in Okemesi to a magistrate court

  20. Provision of series of health services through Hon Fasakin Free Health Mission initiative

  21. Distribution of empowerment materials to about 400 party members of the constituency when celebrating my one year in office representing the good people of Ekiti West Constituency II.

  22. Training and empowerment of the youths and payment of monthly social security allowances to more than 248 of them in my constituency by the state.

  23. An ultra-modern shopping complex under construction in the heart of Okemesi-Ekiti. 

The accomplishments stated above and a lot of others unmentioned here are the dividends of democracy brought to our door steps in Okemesi. With your support we can do more as we collectively make poverty becomes a thing of the past in Okemesi. 

Finally, I crave your indulgence to mention here that considering the transformation agenda in progress in Ekiti state this present administration of JKF deserves our collective support for second term.  Let’s conceive no discord towards one another as we prevail only when we are formidably united as one body.  

As we are approaching another election era let’s allow peace to reign in our various constituencies and run away from violence before, during and after election. Be reminded that Fayemi is the right man; give him your vote to go again.

I know that you often work hard advocating widespread reform of Okemesi and wonder if anyone has really noticed your active contribution to our town. Tonight, I want to reassure you: we do notice, we do appreciate what you do, we do value it, and we are grateful.

I am sure that I can count on all of you, on your utmost dedication, inspiration and professionalism, in promoting Okemesi socially, academically and economically. You are all, whatever your role and responsibilities, indispensable for the growth of Okemesi. Though year 2013 is winding up and we have less than six days to go, before we depart today let us review and deliberate on our effective contributions to the progress of Okemesi in years to come. 

I am proud that I could work with such nice and responsible people as you are. Moreover, I really look forward to collaborate with you all in the year 2014 round. I hope we will be even more successful during next year and gain a lot of new opportunities to present our qualities and cultural values to the entire world.

Now you should relax and enjoy your well-earned free time as much as possible.
I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas in arrears and a Happy and prosperous New Year in advance!
Thank you a lot for your attention.

Long Live FOIU

Long Live Okemesi

Long Live Ekiti

Long Live Nigeria

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