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Written by Hon Fasakin Kayode Ajayi   
Nov 26, 2013 at 10:42 PM

Hon Fasakin
....Hon Fasakin Kayode Ajayi

It is imperative that the political services underpin the governance processes, but it is also increasingly important to know that politics acts as an agent for change to facilitate government transformation agenda.

It is enchanting to live and see Okemesi-Ekiti fully represented in the vanguard of power brokers’ of Ekiti State. Apparently, my innate commitment to this ambition has culminated into soliciting your support towards making our collective dream of transforming Okemesi a walkover.

I promise to devote my best possible in pursuit of the promotion of Okemesi-Ekiti using the political stewardship mandate given to me. On this note, I have resolutely determined to leave Okemesi better than I met it by the grace of God. Note that, this motivational aspiration is a feat that must be accomplished and now is the best time to act because they say ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. Since one person cannot stand in twos, we need high level of unification with an atmosphere of peace to drive this process.

Let us wakeup now and join the league of people combining their strengths with the transformation process created by His Excellency, Dr. John Kayode Fayemi, the Governor of Ekiti State to bring home our own dividends of democracy. We can take advantage of JKF Re-election 2014 to create a fundamental socio-political growth process that will guarantee a maximum success based future for our children. All we have seen so far are tips of the iceberg compare with the packages contained in the JKF 2nd term continuity of the transformation agenda. A word to the wise is a life time of treasure. Okemesi a gbe ha o.

Solo: Bayi la nse 2x

Bayi la nse nimesi omo oloja o 2x

Ana a raso loja

Oni a raso loja

Ijo a ba ku laso degbe

omo ni ka ra o.

A eh e e eh omo ni ka ra o.

Since coming into the political race of Ekiti State, JKF as a trace blazer has made several remarkable achievements Ekiti State people will find difficult to forget in a hurry. This influential people’s governor is an undeniable blessing to the state most especially at this crucial moment of global socioeconomic challenges.

Within a short period of governance in Ekiti state, JKF has through the platform of his 8- point transformation agenda set unbeatable economic development standard, broke several socio-political grounds making the dividend of democracy a reality in Ekiti state. Ekiti State has become a global phenomenon accessible with good roads and other infrastructures, ‘laye Fayemi. O kare jo.

In closing, the administration of His Excellency, Dr. John Kayode Fayemi, the Governor of Ekiti State has touched a number of lives, broadcasting gains of democracy to the people; all and sundry of Ekiti State. Therefore, it is not an over statement demanding for your support to make JKF Re-election 2014 a reality. Remember, 4+4=8

Solo: Laye Olugbon, mo da borun meje

Mo rin mo yan bi oba

Laye Aresa, mo da borun mefa

Mo rin mo yan bi oba

Laye Fayemi mo ra sanyan mo gogo
Mo ra aran, mo ra awobale baba aso Afole eni pele yi odun ko keru ko gboko lo.

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