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Written by Pastor Segun Adewunmi   
Aug 03, 2013 at 10:54 PM

When you come under attack, when you are afflicted or find yourself in unpalatable situation, the word of God is your protective helmet of salvation, says the presiding minister of House of Prayer Ministries, Pastor Segun Adewunmi. Excerpts:

“Wherefore thus saith the LORD God of hosts, because ye speak this word, behold, I will make my words in thy mouth fire, and this people wood, and it shall devour them”. (Jeremiah 5:14)

There is need to let believers know that effective prayer is not what emanates from our mind or intellect but rather it is the word of God. Word of God is in two dimensions; the written word and the spoken word

1. The written word is the word of the Bible which can be used as incantation in arguments to illustrate the superiority of God’s power over any other power citing instances similar to the case on which prayer is required. The written word is not the verdict in prayer but it provokes the Holy Spirit to give the verdict. This verdict which can be called Prophecy is the spoken word. This is the word that comes authentically from our spirit on the matter for which prayer is sought. The advice here is that a prayer that has no support of the written word may not be effective.

2. In particular, we wish to speak on the Word of God. Indeed it is the protective helmet of salvation and the aggressive sword of the Spirit. It is all a believer needs in his spiritual warfare. Then written word is like the bullet of prayer. The gun needs bullet and shooting to make the required impact. Prayer must be powered by the appropriate biblical authority to be effective as said earlier. This is done by the invocation of the events of the Bible in any argument that demonstrates the superiority of the power of the believer over demonic forces. We bring into action a repeat of events where powerful men of God truncated satanic agents. Reference to the events is followed by powerful prayer of faith and a keen spiritual watch.

3. Advice on how to pray

Warfare is waging war. The technicalities of prayer are that, prayer empowers our Guardian Angels for success in their spiritual encounter. Those possessed of demons could consciously perform their act in the spirit dimension but believers rely on the directive and the leading of the Holy Spirit represented by their Guardian Angels. Ex 23:20-35.

4. Position in prayer

Warfare prayer is made in a position of advantage over spiritual opponents. For example while one may kneel down to receive power and authority from God, we cannot fight the enemies on our kneels. We need to demonstrate our superiority by standing against and over them. The way we are physically is replicated also in our spirit dimension.

Similarly at sleep when in a warfare programme, we are at an advantage when we sleep on hard surface platform like the mat or on the rug as against soft mattresses. This sleeping position helps us to recall our spiritual encounter. Demonic dreams happen in a situation of half sleep and feature the blinking of the eyelids and movement of the body. Sleeping on hard surface platform wakes the believer after an encounter, before moving to another dream episode.

5. The word that solves problems

Having discussed the potency of the word of God in solving human problems, it is intended here to make out relevant Bible passages for different categories of problems and they can be effectively used against satanic forces. A believer is usually expected to talk to his problems about God as Jesus Christ did when He was tempted by satan.

6. Crossing the Red Sea (Ex. 14:-31)

This is recommended for all who desire a breakthrough in their lives. Everyone is made to fulfil a purpose and especially, believers are hindered by Satan while some are actually enslaved as Pharaoh enslaved the people of Israel. Thus a breakthrough is required.

Crossing the red sea signifies victory of various dimensions. Therefore the story can be used for deliverance ministration against tyranny of witches and other negative forces. The red sea episode implies a total defeat of the enemies and a final destruction of the tormentor and his weapons. In short, the red sea episode implies a total liberation from the chains and shackles of Satan. Isaiah 49:24-26

It is soothing to realise that even when one is surrounded by problems without any sign of help in sight, God is with His own. Jeremiah 29:11 When we read the story of the red sea as the main weapon of our warfare, we can also read some other relevant and powerful Bible passages for a more effective spiritual aggression against evil forces. Isaiah 41:8-16 holds the promise that our enemies shall totally perish and that we shall thresh the mountains and beat them small. While in Isaiah 54:17, we have this assurance of protection for physical and verbal attacks.

Today we must say it loud and clear; Psalm 118:10

The victory of Esther and Mordecai over Hamman (Esther Chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

The above passages will be useful in daily prayer in the following circumstances. 1. When one, in an attempt to perform his duties honestly becomes a victim of an unfortunate circumstance. 2. If one is framed up on trump-up and false charges on account of his faith or integrity with God.

3. In a situation when one gets into trouble with the police because he insists on standing by the truth or fulfilling the desire moderated by his conscience. For example, sometimes ago, a young girl was accused of theft and was about to be lynched when I went through the crowd to carry her into my car and to the Police station. Some people felt I could be detained because she was already badly bruised. I was lucky the Police dutifully thanked me. But if I got into trouble as the people expected, I could make the above my reference prayer.

4. It is a prayer for those who are unable to pass their examinations.

5. It is also useful for those who are living below their normal social status due to ill luck or lack of patronage. People whose glory is suffering diminishing returns.

6. It is a prayer for the rejected, condemned and isolated persons.

7. Finally, it is a useful prayer for those that are afflicted by terminal sicknesses. HIV positive, Diabetics, Cancer and other terminal sicknesses. It can be combined with other Bible passages relevant to the subject of the prayer for example in most of the instances given above; the promises to some outstanding Bible personalities are very relevant. Jeremiah 15:20-21.

Ezekiel 34:27

2 Samuel 15:30 A prayer of this nature requires fasting, the duration of which would be as directed by the Holy Spirit. The believer concerned must also have a strong faith like Mordecai who believed that his God would do it.

The problem is that most believers, when confronted by satan cannot find enough strength to resist him. We must remember the slave-girl who served in the house of Naaman. 2Kings 5:2 She, despite her predicament upheld her trust in the Lord, as she introduced Elisha to her mistress; she brought relief to Naaman, glory to Isreal and freedom to herself.


The foregoing illustration is to enable us understand the method of using Bible stories in our spiritual warfare against satanic forces. Below are some other Bible stories that are very effective in different categories of prayer warfare. Against witchcraft and occultic forces 1. The battle where the Israelites defeated the Amalekites. Exo 17:8-16.


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