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Jun 19, 2013 at 01:38 AM

On Saturday March 30, 2313, I left Ado Ekiti for Okemesi to distribute some materials for the people and youths of my Constituency as part of the Easter celebration. When I got to Okemesi, the Items were released to the Ward Chairman and the Youth Leader. After the handing over of the items I left Okemesi for Akure in Ondo State to see my family as I just returned from Badagry where the ASCON organised a roundtable conference for principal officers and top management staff of the House of Assembly.

Barely three to four hours after I arrived Akure, had calls started corning in on my line informing me on the situation of things at Okemesi involving one Akogun Taye Oguntayo who is the Secretary of the Caretaker Committee of the Ekiti West Local Government.  

I was informed that Akogun Oguntayo had been going around beer parlours in the area for sometimes saying that he had been mandated to restructure our great party at Okemesi thereby gathering men with the intention of imposing them as parallel executive in the area. 

This unfolding drama was challenged by the youths in the area The youths complained that the activities of Akogun Oguntayo was becoming an embarrassment and therefore wanted him to be called to order. It was this reaction of the youths to the clandestine moves of Akogun Oguntayo that prompted him to arrange for thugs to intimidate the people. Thus, a young man, who is the secretary of Ward A in the town, Taiwo !bidapo was attacked at about 12.30am inside the Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Ajigbotosho Odoba Street, Okemesi Ekiti. 

Information at my disposal then has it that Akogun Oguntayo went to the church with police with pretence to make an arrest but when they got there, they attacked with cutlass and other dangerous weapons in their possession. The young man was attacked viciously to the extent that he was rescued by church leaders and later taken to hospital. It was after the treatment that I was contacted on phone and on Sunday March 31, 2013 I left Akure for Okemesi again in order to get first hand information on the situation of things in the area. 

On getting to Okemesi, I held a brief meeting with the elders in order to keep up with the situation of things. After the briefing, i went in company of the elders to Okemesi General Hospital to visit the young man that was attacked by Akogun Oguntayo thugs. I discovered that the young man was seriously wounded by the thugs to the extent that he could not even recognised people around him. 

I also discovered that Akogun Oguntayo had used his position to arrest some youths in the area and were detained at Aramoko Police Station. It was while we were at the hospital that I received another call informing me of the activities of Akogun Oguntayo thugs again with a threat that they were set to remove all the leadership of the party in the town. This spurred the youths in the area to action and one of the thugs was apprehended and brought to us at the hospital and i immediately contacted appropriate authorities (i.e. the government and security agents) on the latest development.  

The apprehended thug, Adeyinka Adewale a. k. a Ade Coastal was captured with dangerous weapons in his possession I immediately contacted the Chief of Staff to the State Governor with a vivid description of happenings at okemesi and the Chief of Staff directed that I should do everything possible to curtail situation. After several moves by me and the elders, the apprehended thug and those in detention at Aramoko were however released with strict warning not to foment trouble again.  

It was on my way back to Okernesi from Aramoko after securing the bail of those in Police detention that I decided to visit the Ido-Ile Ward Chairman to brief him on the latest happenings in our constituency. It was while I was with him that another phone call came in that I should not come to Okemesi, that Akogun Oguntayo and his boys had invaded the town again in two cars, one Toyota Yaris with registration no LG 01 AMK and another Toyota Carinal. The Toyota Yaris car is the personal car of Akogun Oguntayo while the number plate fixed on it was of the chairman of the Council.  

The two cars were fully loaded with thugs and shutting guns around the town threatening that wherever they see me, I should be gunned down. The fear of losing my life in an inglorious way informed my decision to once again inform appropriate authorities. I eventually left !do- Ile for Okernesi road and while at Ita-Ido in Efon local government, I received another call that the thugs were now moving towards Aramoko and I immediately informed the Police about their movement and the boys were eventually picked up at the local government quarters at Aramoko.  

Some of the thugs escaped with their weapons by scaling the fence, while a gun (pistol) was recovered in the process but at the end of the operation seven people were arrested while five other guns were recovered from Akogun Oguntayo vehicles. Pictures of the arrest were taken through GSM handsets after the operation by the Police.  

The case was transferred to ljero area command that same night and eventually transferred to Police Headquarters and has since been taken to court. 

Ekiti State House of Assembly

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