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Written by Editor, Okemesi Ilu Agan   
May 18, 2013 at 12:34 AM

Ladunnwo oooo, Ladunnwo bi iran gege l'aso. Kutu kutu l'eegun oniyon ni'mo j'ise o, B'oju ba mo e wa w'eku l'ode eee. Ooo, ooo , oooo. Oba o. pele pele pele o o o! ah ha! ah ha...(There goes our much beloved Iyekiye)

Thanks to the land of the brave for continuing this spirit-raising tradition of our forebears. For, it is true that: A wa mo o s'oro ile wa o, a wa mo o s'oro ile wa o. Igbagbo o pe k'awa ma s'oro, a wa mo o s'oro ile wa o.

Let Iyekiye, Gbado (Gbado bi ogan kiki ija, gbogbo ara kiki ija), Gbengelebi (Gbenfelebi timo) remind us again of our tradition today. Inajogbo a ja gba n'tete! Inajogbo, n'bo, ofere n'bo. We are not going to forget Weyo! Let a thousand flowers bloom today.

All children of Okemesi Ilu Agan, have fun today in a peaceful non-violent atmosphere. This is a tradition worth holding on to.

This is one of many legacies by our forebears, what do we leave for the next generation?

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