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Written by Tai Oguntayo   
Apr 03, 2013 at 02:16 PM

I decieded to wait till now before reacting to a ruse called gun running by the 5th columnist because i want to wait till when the police would have hands off the case to avoid usual perversion of justice at their doorstep.

Since i became LG Secretary, I introduced a programme tagged Lalaale Friday at Okemesi to fester our members and discuss issues affecting our community & its citizenry. This was yielding positive result with people of various parties trooping into the party while most people who supported Fasakin against me at our party primary now disown him to attend Laale Friday where people dine & wine together with people in authority from home & abroad. This really depleted the ACN stalwarts that Fasakin was secretly mobilizing for MOB as they came to reveal this disloyalty openly at our gathering. the last edition was at Idi-Ogunke last Friday where it was said that one of Hon Fasakin's PAs, Ademola Adesina aka Iba Esu threatened to kill me anytime I passed thru the market place. On Saturday March 31, I joined Sen Ojudu's delegatn to the palace over the Civic Centre he facilitated to Okemesi.

On our way back, I choose to host them at a nearby restaurant at the market and as earlier threatened, Alhaji Iba Esu (Demola was sent to Haj last year by Fasakin). He came & started bragging that irrespective of the JKF vests we wore MOB will defeat JKF come 2014. In the cause of cautioning him by those who were there he took an empty wine bottle, broke it & headed straight to my direction but was resisted by the boys there making him to stab one Kehinde Adebayo with blood gushing out profusely.

At this point, Iba Esu was been assisted by the cultic G-16 been financed by Fasakin. I quickly went to report this matter to the police & 2 of those stabbed with broken bottles, the police D.O took them to the hospital for treatment but the aggrieved also went to the church where Taye Ibidapo ran to after participating in attack on us. I sensed it & insisted DPO must get me police to arrest those people that came to attack us which he obliged to. Before getting to that church, Ibidapo had also been wounded. With the police, we took him to the hospital for treatment & I went home to sleep but before day break, Fasaki's G-16 threated to come & attack me at home.

I reported severally to the DPO who advised me to leave Okemesi which I did the following morning with my family. We moved to the LG GRA in Aramoko & at 8pm. I reported the matter at the Aramoko Divisional Police Hqtrs where the IPO that took my statement, a woman, told me DPO, DCO & ACP at ijero had all left for Erijiyan which was boiling then. At the same period Fasakin's boys were busy visiting JKF/ACN boys wounding them & destroying their property. the same party!! When there was no police to rescue me a LG Day Gaurd suggested some vigilante group in the town to guide me till police will leave Erijiyan.

I then sent my PA with my personal car to rescue those kidnapped at Okemesi which they did & returned to Aramoko without fighting anybody. As at that time l had fully briefed the DPO, LG Chair, SSA Mojeed Jamiu, CoS & The Governor himself who spoke with me for over 10mins on the situation report. I was about going to rest when Fasakin, a serving member of the House of Assembly that contested with me at the ACN primary arrived GRA Aramoko with a police patrol team stationed at Okemesi to arrest me in Aramoko! The vigilante were frightened & fled right beside the police who never bothered to pursue them seriously but arrested me with my PA & 2 passersby.

They put me behind a patrol vehicle & Fasakin personally snapped me with his camera, ordering the police to wait at every bus stop for him to show the face of his opponent turned gun-runner! the worst was at the Aramoko police station where Fasakin asked the police to parade us like common criminals, beating us with cudgels they fetched at a nearby bush & cutlass' flat edge as Fasakin again recorded it. They then threw us into the cell, all pleas with the policemen to consider me innocent until convicted felt on deaf hears because as usual Fasakin had tipped them to "deal" with his enemies. the Area Commander heard of the case & requested is transferred to ijero. Without being a murder suspect, they handcuffed us again to Ijero before the ACP listened to us for the first time. At ds point he felt bad & ordered that those policemen on the patrol team be invited with Fasakin the following day at 10am.

Fasakin didn't come until around 12noon joined later by SARS from Ado Ekiti to transfer the case to headquarters. Again even when the ACP wrote in the signal to Ado that it was a fight for supremacy, l was handcuffed & put behind their patrol vehicle before the intervention of the CoS on phone. At the State Command the ACP CID Mr Yisa described Fasakin as a common criminal who is a gun runner, telling him to his face that he has several cases of gun running their with his boys. When confronted with barrage of evidences with fresh wounds inflicted on my people buy Fasakin's G-16 riot squad, he ordered Fasakin be given Accused Form like orders to write statementt & be detained like others.

I was again baffled when all those who were not invited but came on their volition to serve as witnesses were hounded into detention with me, Fasakin & his 3 boys. At 12 midnight, the Speaker & his Deputy came to secure Fasakin's release but failed. They came again later on the morning & the O/C SARS later invited Fasakin alone, spoke with him for about 10mins after which he called us together to say that Fasakin should go I'm peace while I would be charged alongside the others. I then put it to them that are u transferring the case to court without conducting any investigation on the statement written by us? No searching of our residences? No attempt to arrest Iba Esu, the principal suspect & others walking freely in the street of Okemesi? No allegation against Fasakin again? O/C SARS expressly said that wad the other from above! Now at the court. the Prosecutor has admitted that the charge was awkwardly down because it was an over nite charge. Funny enough the 3 boys of Fasakin & my 9 boys in court were charged together for committing the same offence!

As if they belong to the same faction! In my case, even when I gave them the name & telephone No of the Day Guard who was even in court, they cared less to invite him for questioning but concluded that because the guns were allegedly found at the GRA, I owned them! They didn't bother to know if the locally made guns had license or not. this statement is not different from what l wrote each time at each station we went. We can now start making our comment again!
Tai Oguntayo

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