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Written by Ferdinando Duncan   
Mar 18, 2013 at 12:27 PM

I've had to wait over 17 years for someone to explain my near-death experience which was MOLECULARLY STRUCTURED. I thank Prof. Stuart Hameroff and Prof. Roger Penrose for their contribution, they can explain my experience.

These microtubials are in fact very well designed as computational devices.

Both Hameroff and Penrose propose that the microtubials are tiny on board computers which organise cellular activities within the brain. They have been studying the behaviour and the structure inside the microtubials itself, they believe the microtubials act as quantum computers.

The quantum world, like the level of atoms and below, has very strange properties, for example, everything can be inner connected to everything else, particles can be in at two or more places at the same time, process called superposition, so in a quantum computer, information can be in two states at the same time.

This ability to be in two places at the same time, known as superposition in space time geometry, is thought to be a fundamental property and the very fabric of the universe.

The fundamental level of the universe is so infinitely small, its impossible to even imagine, but if we go down in size scale, for example, from our brains to our nerve cells, even microtubials, and inside the microtubials, down to the level of atoms, and keep going down even smaller than atoms, this is because atoms are mostly empty space, the space between nucleus and electrons, and even further down, everything is smooth, then eventually we reach a level where there is coarseness or irregularity, this maybe something like, imagine being  in an aeroplane looking down at the surface of the ocean from 33,000 feet, the surface of the ocean looks very smooth, however, if you were on the surface in a boat, it would be very choppy and there is a pattern in the waves on the surface of the ocean. Similarly when we get down to the fundamental levels of the universe, there's information, there's patterns, and that information carries conscious precursors that give rise to our complex consciousness.

It is here at the most basic level of the universe, deep inside the brain that consciousness occurs.

Their theories is based upon a well established field of science, The Laws of General Relativity by Albert Einstein.

Einstein told us that everything, matter, energy, space and time are all particular arrangements, the fabric of the universe which works in the tiniest of scales.

It is at this level consciousness may also exist, connected to the brain by quantum processes in the microtubials, inside the nerve cells which can explain how the near-death experience occurs.

When the brain stops functioning, the microtubial coherence, the pumping metabolic activity stops, and the information leaks out; it is not lost, it is not destroyed because it is occurring at the fundamental level, therefore it just leaks out into the universe at large, but rather than dissipating and spread out, it holds or hangs together due to another strange phenomenon called Quantum Entanglement or Quantum Coherence.

By this mechanism it is possible for consciousness to exist, at least temporarily outside the body, for example floating above the body, ceiling, observing resuscitation.

My contribution: a catalyst is required for Superposition and Quantum Entanglement to occur, that's what the liquid in back of brain was used for. which may have come from the pituitary gland, but there are other glands in the brain, so not sure.Microscopically small structures known as MICROTUBIALS, that are deep inside the cells that form the brain.  They believe at this microscopic level, the brain produces the mind.

The inside of cells including nerve cells are comprised of a network of forests of girders or cylindrical structures called microtubials,that self-assemble to form the shape of the cell; there also the nervous system of the cell that process information internally to organise what happens within each cell, and also how cells interact with other cells.

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