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Written by Editor, Okemesi Ilu Agan.   
Feb 04, 2013 at 01:36 PM

At the beginning, the title of this editorial, is appropriately chosen to indicate Okemesi.com's direction as a center of information dissemination for this our land of the brave. Up front, it must be known that at Okemesi.com, we neither accept nor offer money to anyone, for any service we provide. If anybody comes to you asking you for money to have your content appear here, call that person a fraud!

Through the student-T distributed statistical poll we conducted on the frontpage of Okemesi.com, we identified some of the places you will find Okemesi people living. Based on this, we created a news link covering those areas. This enables anyone who lives in one of these areas to send us any information they want people at home or abroad to know about what will uplift the true identity of the land of the brave.

At the beginning, this information will be accepted through an email sent to the  If we are suucessful in what we are trying to do, we will open blogs for those gifted ones who want to contribute at a much specialised level.

We do however present another forum where an opposite argument can be advanced on whatever appears on the Editorial opinions. This will be an Op-Ed in the true original sense of the word Op-Ed. Our understanding of the original word Op-Ed means 'Opposite the Editorial page' The most understood meaning of Op-Ed is often misconstrued as 'Opinion Editorial', however, we accept the original meaning at Okemesi.com as 'Opposite the Editorial' page. In other words, you can offer opinions opposite the Editorial opiniion with no holds barred.

It is our responsibility here to indicate the contrasting and shrinking nature of the modern world. To expanciate on what we mean on this, we were on the phone talking to a guy at Odobi a while back, and this guy boasted that 'we are the one on the ground, I am offering you the information on the ground'. The information he was voluntering was happening at Oke Asagba. Before we know it, the guy who was at the place where the event was happening called from Oke Asagba. Obviously, the information of the guy at Oke Asagba is more superior than the one at Odobi. All these were happening at the same time! It became clear that the guy on the line from USA and the guy from Odobi are no more on the ground than the guy at Oke Asagba where the event was taking place. So, it is no longer a valid argument to tell anyone that you are the one on the ground.

Today, you are on the ground as far as your money,  persevearnce and persistence will carry you. As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon that we tell people in Okemesi what is happening at a place in Okemesi other than where that person is, the information for which the person is yet to hear.

Our information will come and be accepted from any Okemesi or Okemesi affiliated person living in any corner of the world. We will also examine the fading knowledge and spelling of cetain words. Example of this: Is the correct spelling of where Fabunmi was found abandoned 'Latopa' or 'Latupa'?

We have got our works cut out for us, but whatever you do, do not pay anyone to participate here, and do not also force anyone to participate.

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Comment by Jayeola oluwadare on 2013-03-14 10:49:09
Thanks for the person that create this site may God bless you.

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